Layers 1-42L
Material Types FR-4、FR-4(Middle.High Tg,Halogen Free etc)
Max panel size 20”×24.5*
Min track width/space for inner layer 3MIL/3MIL
Min inner layer pad 4MIL
Inner layer copper thickness 0.5(MIN)-4 OZ(MAX)
Outer layer Copper thickness 0.5(MIN)-4 OZ(MAX)
Finished board thickness 0.4-3.2mm
Tolerance of finished board thickness Thickness<1.0mm ±4MIL
1.0mm<thickness<2.0mm ±6MIL
Thickness>=2.0mm ±8MIL
Inner layer surface finishing Negative Technology
Layers Registration ±4MIL
Min hole-drilling size 0.25MM
Min finished hole size 0.2MM
Hole position accuracy ±3MIL
Slot Tolerance ±5MIL
PTH Tolerance ±3MIL
NPTH Tolerance ±2MIL
Max PTH A.R. 8:1
Hole Wall thickness ≤1MIL
Outer layer image tolerance 2MIL
Min Outer layer track width/space 4/4MIL
SM thickness Line end ≥15UM
Line corner ≥7.5UM
SM hardness ≥6H
SM registration tolerance 1.2MIL(MIN)
Min SM dam 3MIL(MIN)
Max hole-plugging size 0.6MM
Surface Finishing HAL、immersion gold、Immersion Silver、OSP
Range of nickel thickness for electroless nickel and immersion gold 3-5UM
Range of gold thickness for electroless nickel and immersion gold 1-3U’
Impedance control and tolerance ±10%
Warp and twist ≤0.75%